Is a power slide worth it?

The power slide is a piece of equipment that helps hockey players train their skating muscles more while off the ice.  They range between $150-$300, a little pricey but they are effective.  The questions isn’t if they are effective, it’s are they worth the price?

Well from first glance I would have to say no.  It’s a piece of plastic with an end at each side and a pair of slippers… not the best way to spend that kind of money.  If you really wanted on of these it wouldn’t be hard to make.

The actual benefits of this training exercise is that it strengthens your skating stride but in you off season training you should be doing a lot of weight training anyways.  The one place i would have to give it credit is it would be effective for interval trainining, instead of running you could go 45 seconds on and 2 minutes off while using the power slider.  With that said, go to your local rink and find an old piece of plastic they use for the advertisements, screw some wood in the ends, spray it with pledge, and there you go!  It shouldn’t be too hard to track down a couple of shower caps to put on your feet either.

So don’t waste you money on a power slider, buy the green biscuit instead and work on your hands, not to mention save a couple hundred dollars.  Image


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