Work on your shooting at home

hockey isn’t like basketball or soccer where you can train anytime for exactly what you need to work on.  We require expensive ice time, full gear, and quite possibly a bit of a drive.  So why not take advantage of some of the specific areas that you can work on at home, like shooting.  It’s easy enough to get set up in your back yard all you need is: A good hockey net (real on ice net) and a piece of plastic to shoot and stickhandel pucks on.  Go to your local rink and ask the manager if he has the advertisement coverings from the bords, those work perfectly and they’re free!  This surface is also great for stickhandling, although you may need to spray it with pledge before you start or something to slick it up a bit.  

When I was 16 in juniors I had the weakest shot on the team so all summer I worked on my shot at home and by the next season the difference was unbelievable.  Buy some weighted pucks at canadian tire or any sports shop and shoot those as well.  I also made some pucks out of steel and shot those which helped a lot.  

I challenge you to take 1,000 shots a week one whole off season, using heavy pucks as well,  and I guarantee you will notice a huge difference in the following season.



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