Injury training, aqua jogging

Right now I have a broken ankle, yes one of the side effects of being a hockey player, and today at physiotherapy they had me try aqua jogging.  Aqua jogging is where you put a life jacket on and float in the water without your feet touching the botton.  Then you have to run without your feet touching to the other side and back for as long as they tell you to.  I felt like an absolute moron!  I was working so hard in this hot pool sweating a ton and moving at about 1 km/h.  But I have to be honest it was a pretty good workout, and under the circumstances about all there is in the way of cardio training.  I know I already wrote a post about swimming and how it is great for injuries but this is another spin on it, this way you are still primarily working your leg muscles which is nice.

Store this in the memory bank for when that lower body injury happens, believe me it will, and remember that the pool is your best bet for cardio training.  Don’t be embarrassed to try aqua jogging no one will laugh at you, and if they do it will be the girls in the “he’s cute come and talk to me” kind of way.



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